the boy who wanted to know

synopsis: Leonardo Da Vinci lived in italy. Te interests of leonardo were painting, lizards and snakes, and laws and math. Leonardo was famouse for hes paintings.

One Giant leap for man kind

Synopsis: Aldrin and Armstrong went to the moon and discovered some stuff by hopping like a kangaroo because of the low gravity.


Father William
By: Lewis Carroll

Characters : Young man, Father William

Synopsis: The speaker of the poem is the Writer.
The physical appearance of father William is old and he has gray and white hair and he has a wrinkled face. The young mans attitude to father William is friendly and at the same time bad. Father Williams attitude was angry because the young man has too many questions.

The Dream Weavers
by: Carla M. Pacis

Synopsis: A long time ago there was a little village there lived a wizened old woman her name was Bugan. She was the one who weaves blankets for the people to have dreams. When she died the people had no more dreams. So the warriors split up and one of the warriors found a village full of weavers then one of the weavers weaved for there village and when they got back they threw a party of the new weaver and the warrior.


Aged - Wizened

Relatives - Ancestors

Abandoned - Neglected

Long - Tedious

Navigate - Navigate
The Golden Treasures Of Nimrud
By: Philip Elmer-De Witt

Synopsis: An Ancient city now called nimrud located in what is present-day iraq was once the military capital of one of historys fiercest empires. In That place the archeologists found gold and treasures. But one day they discovered that all of that gold belong to a dead princess burried in the ground.

Stone Coffin - sarcophagus
Style of writing - cuneiform
multi colored - polychromatic
very old - antiquities
Hanging decorations -  festooned

You'll have to teach your children to read yourself
by: Jacquelyn Gross

Synopsis: A parent doesnt need any special skills, magical materials, or electronic devices to make a child read. Dozens of studies in the last quarter-century have shown that parents so teach there children befor age 6. The only skill parents need when they help there child learn to talk is to know how to talk themselves.


Fictional perspective - literary horizon
hardly gain - scarcely learn
collection - repertoire
sympathy - empathy

The Prodigal Son


Swine - Domestic Hog
Grievous - Great Sorrow
Transgressed - Sin


There was a younger son and an older son. The younger son spent his life by all the riches hes father gave him until his very poor. And the older son spent his life by saving the riches his father gave and not spending it. The father was fair because the younger son did suffer for a very long time.

In His Garden
by: Ann Manlapat

The man made a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers, trees, and birds. But at night bad people stole in his garden they destroyed the flowers and trees and they killed the birds. When the man went to his garden he cried when he saw his garden destroyed. But he also saw poor people with nothing to eat and children begging for food so he cried more.


A Biography
O, Henry is William Sidney Porter. He was born on Septemer 11, 1862 and he died on June 5,1910. He made use of his life by making short stories when he stopped schooling in the age of fifteen but before that he still did a little work.
To have taken property in trust for ones own use - Embezzlement
Sympathy or mercy - compassion
the effect produced as by perception or sensation - impression
The Parable Of The Perfect Alibi
By: Juan M. Flavier

There were three boys who are always cut classes. Then one day they played on a lake and after that befor they went to school they thought of an alibi to tell there teacher. When they told her the alibi she said to get a paper and a pencil and write what foot of the caraboa was wounded.