Michael scott And the Demon

Setting: Glenluce Abbey in Galloway

Characters: Devil, Michael Scott, Demon

The setting of the story was in Galloway. Michael Scott, the wizard,destroyed the devil's plague. So, the devil sent a demon to disturb the wizard. Michael has to give the demon a task that the demon can never do. Micheal wanted to contain the demon because the demon was very annoying and bad. The demon is full of mischief because he's the devils minion. Micheal is a wizards that can do black and white magic and the whole shades in between. The tasks Michael gave the demon was to make a cauldron, make three hills and make a rope out of sand. The softest task to the demon was to make a rope out of sand but it was the hardest one, actually. Micheal sent the demon away at last because of that last task. The devil then stopped bothering him because Micheal beat the devil twice already.

The question is, if I were Michael, how would I drive the demon away? Well, I would get rid of the demon by playing hide and seek and I will never bother to find him.

Magician - wizard
deadly contagious desease - Plague
Lacks excitement - monotonous
restlessness and violent protest - commotion
Unhappy - doleful

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