The Patchwork Princess
by: Betty Lacey

Characters: King, Prince, Princess Rosybell
Setting: Hill Country

Synopsis: There was a king that wanted to give a ball to the princess because he wanted her to marry a prince. The king had a moonstone that can grant him any wish if he would say the right magic words. but there palace was old and dirty and ugly. Rosybell the princess is called the patchwork princess because she knows how to sew. The kinfolk also helped them prepare the castle. But then a storm cloud showed up and started a flood. Then the princess said to build a raft. And they survived the sea because Rosybell made the king's cape a sail so they can sail back to shore. When they were at shore the prince saw them and told the guards to put them in the kitchen and said they would make great servants. And when the king said Prodigious, Portentious, Phenomenal and wished to see Rosybell in a beautiful gown His wish came true. The End

dimmed - faded
fret - worry
ramshakle - rickety
kinfolk - royalty
fetching - attractive

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